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Atlanta Rapper Glam Graham Headshot

"I want to be an inspiration to people who have gone through hard times and felt like they couldn't do any better.  If I could follow my dreams after all I've been through anyone else could do it too!"

GLAM GRAHAM began writing raps at the age of 8 years old.  Life wasn't easy for Glam growing up as the oldest daughter with 8 siblings on the south side of Chicago, IL.  Although Glam had a passion for writing and dreams of having a successful music career, she put those dreams aside to focus on raising her only son.  Life was hard for Glam and she had no support from family or friends.  For some time she endured being homeless, sleeping in her car, living out of motels, exotic dancing, and she even owned several escort agencies while attending college, all in order to feed herself and her son.

Life continued to throw road blocks at Glam Graham as she relocated to Atlanta, GA to focus on having a better life.  She had a rough start in ATL, to include a brief incarceration as depicted on the cover of her 5th single, "Fully Automatic", but Glam persevered.  Once her son turned 18 years old and after meeting DJ Fury, Glam was ready to hit the studio. Glam now takes all of those trials and tribulations she so bravely endured and channels those experiences into her music.

Prior to pursuing her music career, Glam Graham worked as a Property Manager for a General Contractor in ChicagoIL, and also as a Commercial Support Representative for Shaw Industries based in Dalton, GA.  Surprisingly; Glam listens to all types of music genres and can switch up her writing style at will.  Although Glam is a rap music artist, she incorporates pop, rock, R&Bjazz and other genre styles into her music.  She credits lots of the female pioneers of rap, such as Queen LatifahMC LyteSalt-n-PepaDa Brat, and others for inspiring her to become a rapper and songwriter.

Fury was quoted saying... "Not only is Glam an extremely beautiful and sexy young lady; she's a very talented and versatile writer that can spit pure fire on the mic!  Glam's first few singles alone could make an awesome EP and would be enough to show the music industry and the world that Glam Graham is a major force to be reckoned with!"  ~Fury

The most amazing thing about Glam Graham is that she is truly a 100% self-sufficient, independent artist.  Glam takes on most financial responsibilities typically paid for and recouped by the label all on her own.  Glam pays her own makeup artist, hair stylist, nail technician, buys her own wardrobe and more!  Glam co-directs her own music videos and also does interior design work on her video sets.  Artists like Glam Graham are a rare find and make the work of an indie label much easier. Glam is also vegan and enjoys sampling various vegan dishes while traveling abroad.

Glam Graham is anxious to let the world hear her debut GoldMyne Entertainment album release, "SINsation", but she's not rushing it.  Like the rest of us here at GME, she's a perfectionist.  Glam has chosen the name "Glam Squad" as the moniker for her current and future fans.  You will also hear her yelling "Quad" in her songs as a tribute to her producer, DJ Fury, who was sometimes called the "Quad Professor" in his Bass Music production days.  Glam also started a YouTube web series called Build A B*tch Workshop and is filming a reality tv series entitled Glam's Road To Beauty to give people insight into what she's learned from the many surgeries, procedures and beauty treatments she has undergone in preparation for her music career and the "look" she wanted to attain.  Be sure to follow Glam Graham on Instagram @glammagraham.

Glam Graham

"It's a blessing to be living my dreams and I hate when people say I'm up next. Wrong...I'm up now! I'm already at the top of my game grinding and soon everyone else will recognize my talent and creativity."

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