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DJ Fury Gold Chrome Bentley GTC

"Music is my life! I studied Business Management, but nothing involving music. I taught myself everything I needed to know to become successful in the music business!" 

DJ FURY began his professional music career in 1991 with the recording of his former Bass Patrol group album, "The Kings of Bass", released in 1992 through Miami-based Joey Boy Records.  Before that time, he was a popular mixtape DJ in the South.  After high school DJ Fury joined the US Air Force for a few years and purchased a lot of the equipment that started his music career.  Fury got his first record deal by sending demo cassette tapes to record company addresses found on the back of his vinyl record collection.  Over time, DJ Fury taught himself how to produce music and make beats, play various instruments, arrange, edit, mix and master his own recordings.  Fury also films, directs and edits most of his company's music videos.

Throughout his career, DJ Fury produced many albums for his former group, Bass Patrol, many solo albums and several other albums, singles and remixes for popular recording artists such as: Glam Graham, Uncle Luke, Half Pint, The Miami Boys, Men of Vision and more!  DJ Fury also has a few Greatest Hits albums under his belt and is one of the pioneers of that Southern, hard-hitting, Miami Bass music sound.

Music produced by DJ Fury has been used on many syndicated TV shows such as, Last Call With Carson Daly on NBC, Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn on Comedy Central and several others.  His songs have been used for instructional snowboarding videos in Japan and have also been featured in the movies "Only The Strong" (20th Century Fox) and "Trippin’" (Rogue/October Films).

Back in 1995, DJ Fury founded the indie label, Full Moon Records, Inc.  In those days, Fury and his street teams scoured the country selling CD's and cassette tapes from the trunks of their cars and placed product on consignment in local record stores.  Fury released several albums on his label, including one of his classic Bass Music albums, "Still Blowin' Speakers".  In the year 2000, Fury took a hiatus from the music biz to remodel his Central FL home and to spend more leisure time with his family.  A few years later Fury re-emerged and signed a deal with "The King of Pop", Michael Jackson's indie label, MJJ Records.  That spawned a deal with Epic/Sony and placement on the "Trippin'" movie soundtrack and a music video for his song "Da' Bomb".

In 2006, DJ Fury released another solo CD entitled, "Competition Bass", to bring life to the long forgotten Bass Music genre.  Also in 2006, DJ Fury relocated to Atlanta, GA.  He decided to retire from the music biz to enjoy a quiet life in the suburbs, which lasted a long 12 years.  Then in mid 2018, with encouragement from his Wife and online pressure from fans; Fury built a custom, state-of-the-art recording studio in his home.  Along with the recording studio; the home also includes an artist's lounge, game room, photography studio, home gym, and dance rehearsal space.

That brings us to the formation of GoldMyne Entertainment, LLC in 2019.  DJ Fury is currently working with GME artist Glam Graham on her debut album project, "SINsation".  We purposely didn't mention that DJ Fury and Glam Graham got married on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2018, but those of you reading this now know where Glam's rap name comes from!  DJ Fury is also working on a new mixtape, The MiXXXtape, that will feature many new artist along with established ones.  Be sure to follow DJ Fury on Instagram @therealdjfury.

DJ Fury

"My secret is... My focus matches my energy!  Anyone I work with must share my vision and have the hustle, drive and work ethic I posses.  My passion is to build brands out of every artist I sign to GME."

DJ Fury Gold Chrome Bentley GTC
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